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At TriOwl we believe that transparency in administrative and financial management is essential to building trust in our customers and assuring them that our promise, to donate a gradually ascending scale of our net profits, will be accomplished. That's why in this section of our website, we will publish the financial results of our administration quarterly, indicating what were the sales, income, expenditure and investment of TriOwl, in order to show exactly what the net profits are, and what the percentage and amount that corresponds to the donation for TriOwl Homes.

Homeless kids will enjoy the love and care that parents can give them. Clothing, food, and education will be provided, and the kids will be transformed in a positive way by becoming an example of love and success.


TriOwl™  will fund TriOwl Homes, orphanages that will operate as homes, with voluntary foster parents who will “adopt” orphan "Street Children". 

Foster Parents will move to TriOwl Homes in Latin America (Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.). They will be mentored based on biblical principles and trained by licensed professionals who will design a model, with psychological and educational counselors who will be consistently in contact with foster parents in each TriOwl Home.


All countries in the world face different social issues. The major social challenge in Latin America are underprivileged children, commonly known as “Street Kids” or "Street Children": orphans, abandoned and extremely poor children who do not have a family to raise them as good citizens. Studies claim there are as many as 7 to 8 million “Street Kids” in Latin America.

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