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At TriOwl™, Clothing With a Purpose, we believe that businesses should not solely revolve around money, and can be a way to show love to others. As a business, we strive for a better and more fair society, therefore our ultimate goal is human well-being, which includes the welfare of children.


Each time you buy one of our garments, you will not only own a durable and fine piece of clothing made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, the best cotton in the world, but you can be a part of a positive impact, helping Underprivileged Kids and influencing others to believe that businesses can be a way to show love to others.


TriOwl™, Clothing With a Purpose, is committed to participate actively in a huge project to help orphans, abandoned and extremely poor kids in Latin America, donating a scale from 10% to 50% (or more) of its net profits to TriOwl Homes Foundation for the maintenance and management of homes with Foster Parents. 
These homes will provide to underprivileged children with everything they need to achieve success in life, including an education based on values that bring them closer to the love of God and form them spiritually, in order to live a happy, rewarding life.